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Inner Core
Notes and Reflections from Personal Leadership & Success at Columbia Business School
Published: February 22, 2024

The idea of the “Inner Core” is that there exists many selves within us, but that our truest self is that which is closest to our highest potential. As leaders, becoming attuned to our inner core allows us to act, speak, think, and feel in alignment with our most authentic and truest selves. This document is a study of Hitendra Wadhwa’s teaching of “leadership in flow”, produced as a consolidation of my class notes and reflections on reading ‘Inner Mastery, Outer Impact‘.

You can download Inner Core here
Collective Perspectives: The Landscape of the Games Industry
An exploration in Wardley Mapping – November 2023
Published: November 27, 2023

Collective Perspectives: The Landscape of the Games Industry is a short zine exploring Wardley Mapping as a participant in a community exercise to map and understand the landscape of the gaming industry.

You can download Collective Perspectives: The Landscape of the Games Industry here
Good.AI: Volume 1
An IHaveBeenAGoodBing Anthology
Published: September 2023

Good.AI Volume 1 is a collection of essays, interviews, and articles that showcase the hype, harm, and hopeful elements of artificial intelligence and its impact on our society. Good.AI takes a sociological approach to breaking down how products use machine learning and the ways that bias in technology harms different demographics, and presents a more optimistic view on AI that works for people, not for mega-corporations.

You can download Good.AI here
Entering the Metaverse
A Guide to Joining the Virtual Reality Industry
Published: 2016

Entering the Metaverse is a guide to de-mystify what it’s like to work in virtual and augmented reality. This book is part educational and part reflection on my own experiences working in the industry as commercial VR started to take off in the early 2010’s.

Entering the Metaverse is no longer available for download.