Podcast Appearances

Mechanical Ink – Privacy, AI, and an AI Digital Memory Cache
February 2024

In the latest episode of the Mechanical Ink podcast, host Schalk Neethling sits down with Mozilla’s Liv Erickson to explore the frontiers of internet technology and its implications for our digital future.
Voices of VR – Intersection of AI and Spatial Computing for XR Accessibility
July 2023

There is a lot of potential in the future of AI and personalized assistants for accessibility, but also how this intersects with the increased communication capacities and collaborative sensemaking potentials of spatial computing and immersive storytelling. Erickson suggests that perhaps we should think about AI as more as “Augmented Intelligence” rather than “Artificial Intelligence” as a semantic shift that contextualizes AI as a human-centered technology
VR/AR Association Podcast – Liv Erickson, Director of Mozilla Hubs
March 2023

This week we are joined by Liv Erickson. Liv leads the team building Mozilla Hubs, an open source immersive virtual world platform that provides decentralized technology for creating online 3D social VR worlds. Listen in as we discuss the ever evolving world of technology and the ways we can bring different people and projects together to make that technological evolution more meaningful.
Making the Metaverse – Open, Accessible, and Approachable for All
February 2023

Liv jumped into the metaverse in 2014 and has not looked back. Since then Liv has worked for Microsoft, AWS and Mozilla where they are currently the team lead for Hubs. In their work at Mozilla they are leading the development of open, accessible and approachable virtual worlds. Liv is committed to making creator tools accessible to everyone so that online spaces are reflective of the visions of end users not just developers.
Worldish – Liv Erickson & Mozilla Hubs
January 2023

Liv Erickson leads Mozilla Hubs, a platform for building virtual worlds on the open web. Right now, the most popular VR platforms – such as VRChat, Rec Room, Horizon Worlds, and Roblox – are not on the open web. Rather, they are on apps, within closed ecosystems.In this conversation, we dive into how people are using Mozilla Hubs. And then we talk about the open web and closed ecosystems more broadly, exploring how the ecosystem will evolve.
Voices of VR – Architecting for Privacy with Mozilla Hubs
July 2019

I had a chance to drop by the Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View ahead of the Augmented World Expo in order to talk with Hubs engineering lead Greg Fodor, product manager Liv Erickson, and Hubs engineer John Shaughnessy.
Spark Dialog – The Ethics of Augmented Reality and our Future
July 2017

Augmented Reality has the ability to transform how we interact as a society.  How will we use it, and how far are we willing to go? Today we talk with Liv Erickson, a software engineer at High Fidelity, who works on Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems.  We discuss the ethics of Augmented Reality and some of the most exciting applications that are heading our way.  
Voices of VR – Getting Ramped up on on VR with Microsoft’s Developer Evangelist Liv Erickson
April 2016

Liv’s show and blog are some great resources for people who are looking for beginner content for how to get into VR development. I had a chance to catch up with Liv at Microsoft’s Reactor space during the VR Hackathon just before GDC this year to talk about all of her different VR & AR evangelism efforts.