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Spatial Computing

What We are Building is not Simple

The problems and challenges that have led up to the state of virtual and augmented reality technologies as they exist today have been exactly that: problems and challenges. Teams have worked tirelessly to bring the hardware, sensors, firmware, tools, and applications to us, and our work in the immersive technology industry is just beginning.

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Development, Spatial Computing

Writing a talk about WebVR, Using WebVR

This past Thursday, I had the privilege of speaking about the VR Web, a topic near and dear to my heart, at Coldfront, a front-end focused, single-track conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite battling off the remnants of a particularly nasty cold, my talk at Coldfront was one of my favorites that I’ve ever given. Why? The audience was great, the organizers were wonderful – but what really excited me about giving this talk was that

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