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Leadership, Management, and Parenthood: Navigating work-life harmony as an expecting EMBA

One of the most challenging moments as a leader can be confronting the moment when you know that you are no longer able to continue down a particular path you had been following. For me, a moment like this came on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023, when I sat down in an empty room in the Palais de Congres conference center in Montreal and submitted my leave of absence request for my fifth term at CBS.

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I Finally Signed Up for ChatGPT – Here’s Why

I’m no stranger to being a contrarian – so when ChatGPT exploded onto the scene a few years back, I resisted the urge to start using it for everything and instead decided to go as long as possible without. At the one year mark, I wrote about how my non-use of ChatGPT was going. The TL;DR – the ethical concerns related to large-scale, hosted LLMs around copyright, labor in training, climate, and monopolization/market capture led

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TIL: Writing a Custom AdBlocker Ultimate Filter to hide LinkedIn’s AI Feature Upsell

On the list of “things that annoy me about AI”, trying to upsell AI features as part of a service is close to the top. I’ve recently noticed that my LinkedIn feed has been shoving an AI icon and related “coaching prompts” into my feed, and my solution of hiding every post that had the icons on them wasn’t actually filtering the system the way that I wanted. Today I spent a few minutes learning

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Extending Ubuntu via GNOME Shell Extensions in 2024

The “personal computing” market has dramatically shifted from the original visions evolving out of Xerox PARC and the innovation labs of the past into a multi-level mediated… mess.

Thankfully, open source operating systems are thriving, and the barrier of entry into an actually personal computing experience that is tailored to your own environment is lower than ever. With that in mind, in December, I started looking at how I could start to extend my Ubuntu desktop.

This was a really fun project to take on, and I’m itching to start doing more of this as I think through what kind of ways that I want to expand and customize my personal computing environment.

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One Year In – I Still Don’t Use ChatGPT. Here’s How it’s Going.

As an autistic and queer individual, the role that technology plays in identifying, surveilling, and categorizing acceptable behavior within society is not lost on me. Despite using machine learning technology since 2014, I have used ChatGPT one time. The challenge that has come from not using OpenAI products and ChatGPT has actually been in the way that it impacts my relationship with people more than anything else.

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Business & Leadership, Machine Learning, Philosophy, Random Thoughts

Eigenvectors as a Representation of Nuance? (Or, How I’m Re-Visiting all of my Freshman Year Math Classes To Explain my Brain) – Pt. 1

One decision that many organizations may be making right now is how to develop a corporate policy about artificial intelligence. Could, perhaps, an eigenvalue be calculated against a matrix of perspectives within an organization, to represent a new form of communicating the nuance and fluid nature of these complex, multi-cellular entities in which we house business endeavors? To evaluate this idea, I took a small (9 person) survey of team members and asked them to share their perspectives on AI innovation.

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Development, Machine Learning, Philosophy, Random Thoughts

Being a Pregnant Developer in the Age of AI is Weird

As I’m writing this, I’m wearing a green t-shirt with a giant eyeball over my rapidly growing stomach. It’s Halloween, and I’ve decided to dress up as Mike Wazowski – it feels like I’m all stomach these days, so it felt appropriate. My partner dressed up as Boo. Halloween is an especially interesting time of year to reflect on identity and persona: it’s a holiday that encourages people to step into a different character and

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Auto-saving Browser Documents to Augment Local AI Model Context

I’ve written a bit about my interest in using local artificial intelligence for memory recall, and this week I finally made some progress on a project to start turning some of my earlier thinking into an actual part of my workflow. Memory Cache is a project that allows you to save a webpage as a PDF document, which is then used to augment context for a local instance of privateGPT.

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TIL: Installing YOURLS on an AWS Lightsail Instance using Nginx

Back in 2015, I bought the domain ‘’ to use as a shortlink domain. Why? It’s freaking adorable, and it meant that I could leave links around the internet that would be immediately identified as mine. I set up a account with Twitter authentication, and used “livi links” for years. Then, I deleted my Twitter account, and forgot to detach it from my account. Oops. Yesterday, I wanted to make a short link

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Developing Artificial Intelligence while Developing Human Intelligence

I joke sometimes that my entire career to date has been about Learning How to Human – that I was drawn to social VR and metaverse platforms because my neurodivergent self wanted to experience a taste of a world that I could both understand, navigate, and flourish within. As it turns out, there’s a ton of overlap in the product domains of AI and metaverse, because while the core enabling technologies and their interaction modes look quite different from one another, the entire premise of the advancements and opportunities are grounded in emergent behaviors of computers simulating people and reality.

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