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SelfOS: Visions of a Personal Agent

As we begin crossing a new productivity frontier with the availability of large language models and advances in artificial intelligence algorithms, I’ve been thinking a lot about the use of these tools in helping us introspect and communicate. Enter the idea of SelfOS. My long-term vision for SelfOS is ambitious – a personal operating system for anyone. In practice, there will be infinite ways of building a SelfOS. It’s not a single technology stack, but instead a series of principles grounded in the belief that technology should be used as a tool to empower individuals, rather than as systems of oppression.

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Executive Functioning

Becoming comfortable with my inconsistent executive functioning has been (and continues to be) an ongoing journey in undoing internalized ableism and finding self-love. Sometimes, I struggle with executive function because I’ve damaged the inside of my small intestines, and my body can’t absorb the nutrients from food I’m eating. Sometimes, I’m struggling because I had multiple weeks with more than 40 hours of meetings, and met dozens of new people, and I have to balance all of that with the actual “sit down and do the work” part of life.

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