Year: 2022

Business & Leadership

Values-based Leadership

I’m fresh out of my second Leadership and Organizational Change class, and values are fresh on my mind. Today, we spent a lot of time reflecting on and evaluating our personal values, something that I thought I was already ahead of the curve on, but my mind = blown, and I want to jot some thoughts down to solidify them as I eat some snacks before Financial Accounting.

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Spatial Computing

I’m Saying Farewell to the Metaverse

In my last blog post, I ended the post with a snarky comment about how much we talk about defining ‘the metaverse’ instead of addressing the underlying problems. I’ve recently been exposed to a new-to-me idea that expands my understanding of how lexicon is important, because it can fundamentally change how it informs our work.

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Random Thoughts, Spatial Computing

Metaverse, Mulitverse, Eitherverse, Anyverse

Metaverse is a helpful term. It encompasses a wide range of related, emergent technologies in a way that – in theory – can help someone visualize what the output of “connected 3D worlds accessed through specialized hardware that allow users to interact as avatars and participate in a global economies for fun and for play.” In most instantiations of the metaverse in science fiction, the metaverse appears largely like our own world, copied into a

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