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Leadership, Management, and Parenthood: Navigating work-life harmony as an expecting EMBA

One of the most challenging moments as a leader can be confronting the moment when you know that you are no longer able to continue down a particular path you had been following. For me, a moment like this came on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023, when I sat down in an empty room in the Palais de Congres conference center in Montreal and submitted my leave of absence request for my fifth term at CBS.

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One Year In – I Still Don’t Use ChatGPT. Here’s How it’s Going.

As an autistic and queer individual, the role that technology plays in identifying, surveilling, and categorizing acceptable behavior within society is not lost on me. Despite using machine learning technology since 2014, I have used ChatGPT one time. The challenge that has come from not using OpenAI products and ChatGPT has actually been in the way that it impacts my relationship with people more than anything else.

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Eigenvectors as a Representation of Nuance? (Or, How I’m Re-Visiting all of my Freshman Year Math Classes To Explain my Brain) – Pt. 1

One decision that many organizations may be making right now is how to develop a corporate policy about artificial intelligence. Could, perhaps, an eigenvalue be calculated against a matrix of perspectives within an organization, to represent a new form of communicating the nuance and fluid nature of these complex, multi-cellular entities in which we house business endeavors? To evaluate this idea, I took a small (9 person) survey of team members and asked them to share their perspectives on AI innovation.

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Being a Pregnant Developer in the Age of AI is Weird

As I’m writing this, I’m wearing a green t-shirt with a giant eyeball over my rapidly growing stomach. It’s Halloween, and I’ve decided to dress up as Mike Wazowski – it feels like I’m all stomach these days, so it felt appropriate. My partner dressed up as Boo. Halloween is an especially interesting time of year to reflect on identity and persona: it’s a holiday that encourages people to step into a different character and

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The Metaphor of a Large Memory Model (LMM)

I can understand the appeal of language models. Language – the act and structure of communicating the cognitive processes I undergo on a day to day basis – is observable, whereas memory is not.Over the past several months, I’ve been working through the development of an architecture that may someday allow me to digitize my memory in a more complete way on the glass whiteboard in my office.

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Resistance to Change is Often a Lack of Clarity

I’m on exchange at London Business School this week to study Strategic Innovation. Today, we covered a lot of ground, starting with why it is challenging for established organizations to truly innovate, as well as the individual thought patterns that challenge us in thinking “outside of the box”. And speaking of thinking outside the box, we also touched on communication (and why it’s so freaking hard to do it well). As it turns out, resistance to change is often a lack of clarity, more than it is an actual resistance to trying something new, and the ambiguity that begets creative thinking – and subsequently, innovation – often comes from a number of conflicts between alignment at an organizational and individual level.

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