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SelfOS: Visions of a Personal Agent

As we begin crossing a new productivity frontier with the availability of large language models and advances in artificial intelligence algorithms, I’ve been thinking a lot about the use of these tools in helping us introspect and communicate. Enter the idea of SelfOS. My long-term vision for SelfOS is ambitious – a personal operating system for anyone. In practice, there will be infinite ways of building a SelfOS. It’s not a single technology stack, but instead a series of principles grounded in the belief that technology should be used as a tool to empower individuals, rather than as systems of oppression.

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Communicative Intent

The term “communicative intent” describes the underlying message that a human is trying to get across when they are speaking with / writing to / generating art for another human to interpret. As humans, we build on our existing models of the world and our experiences to interpret one’s communicative intent when we engage with another person. One of the challenges with large language models and artificial intelligence is that there is no fundamental communicative

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Random Thoughts

NYC, One Year Later

Last April, my partner and I made the decision to sell our recently-purchased home in the greater Washington D.C. area so that I could attend business school at Columbia University and get my MBA. We’re a year in, just moved into our new apartment in Astoria, Queens, and what a heck of a year it’s been.

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neurodivergence, Random Thoughts

Executive Functioning

Becoming comfortable with my inconsistent executive functioning has been (and continues to be) an ongoing journey in undoing internalized ableism and finding self-love. Sometimes, I struggle with executive function because I’ve damaged the inside of my small intestines, and my body can’t absorb the nutrients from food I’m eating. Sometimes, I’m struggling because I had multiple weeks with more than 40 hours of meetings, and met dozens of new people, and I have to balance all of that with the actual “sit down and do the work” part of life.

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Business & Leadership

Values-based Leadership

I’m fresh out of my second Leadership and Organizational Change class, and values are fresh on my mind. Today, we spent a lot of time reflecting on and evaluating our personal values, something that I thought I was already ahead of the curve on, but my mind = blown, and I want to jot some thoughts down to solidify them as I eat some snacks before Financial Accounting.

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